Harrison Stirs The Pot on Retreat Week

The Couples Retreat continues with Melinda and Evelyn eavesdropping on the boys night and overhearing Harrison explaining that he believes Melinda and Layton’s relationship is toxic and fake.

Melinda and Evelyn then return to the girls to confess their eavesdropping – Melinda directs her attention to Bronte to find out if she agrees with what Harrison has said about her relationship. An argument ensues between Melinda and Bronte resulting in Bronte storming off. Harrison finds Bronte who proceeds to tell him that Melinda and Evelyn had been listening in on the boys night conversation, information that Harrison swiftly relays to an unimpressed Layton. 

It’s the final day of the Couples Retreat. Hugo wakes up to the reality that Tayla would prefer to spend time with anyone other than him, Melinda has woken up to nothing but a cold shoulder from Layton, and Harrison is twisting the truth; telling Bronte that Layton has said he isn’t happy in his relationship with Melinda.

Bronte decides to clear the air with Melinda and tells her to stay out of her relationship with Harrison, because she’s heard there are issues between Melinda and Layton, according to Harrison – Melinda is shocked at this misinformation but says nothing. 

Meanwhile, the Couples Retreat hasn’t been the experience Alyssa and Duncan had hoped for, as things have now gone from bad to worse following another argument over priorities.

Having endured a challenging few weeks, the retreat has proven the perfect setting for Claire and Jesse to reignite their romance. As the mood throughout the retreat becomes more positive, Claire is hoping to use her fairy cards to breathe life to some of those couples in strife. Claire’s fairy cards provide Hugo with the strength to speak his truth to Tayla at the upcoming final night barbeque. 

Meanwhile, Melinda is seeking answers from Layton who explains that Harrison is lying about what Bronte passed on; but Melinda still doesn’t feel satisfied. Layton makes sure Melinda understands that he will always have her back, no matter what – and they both want to have a chat with Harrison at the final barbeque.

It’s the final night of the retreat and the last chance for the couples to interact as a group before they return to their apartments in Sydney.

Melinda is still seething at Bronte and Harrison’s attempts to drive them apart, and Layton has her back. Layton asks Harrison if he told Bronte that their relationship is not in a good place, and Harrison cannot answer. Melinda tells Harrison to stop causing issues in her relationship with Layton and accuses Bronte and Harrison of being in a fake relationship themselves, as the whole group watches on.

And after another day of tension between Tayla and Hugo, he’s turning to the group for advice on how to move forward. Encouraged by Evelyn, Hugo confronts Tayla and voices his concerns. However, the chat ends abruptly as Tayla storms off in frustration.


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