Siblings Succumb Under Pressure

Siblings Succumb Under Pressure

Tonight on Hunted, the pressure of being on the run was finally hitting home for best friends Sonja and Elerrina, while an extensive search of CCTV footage from day one gave the Hunters new intel on low-profile Fugitives, Bayan and Eesha and luck was running out for siblings, Byron and Tanase.

Since fleeing Gippsland, best friends Sonja and Elerrina found refuge at their friend’s house in Traralgon, but the fear of imminent capture weighed heavily on Elerrina. After a few dead ends, Jay from the Hunted Cyber team devised a cunning plan, impersonating Sonja’s pet sitter Jess to contact Elerinna’s former boss Leeroy, hoping to lead them to the Fugitive friends.

Hunted HQ then shifted their focus to Bayan and Eesha, who had been flying under the radar since day one. Methodically going through CCTV footage from their very first moments on the run, Hunted HQ found footage of Bayan and Eesha getting into a car registered to Nasim, an associate of the Fugitives. Further investigation revealed another associate, Angus, who was now a significant person of interest. Little did the Hunters know, Angus was also known to the Fugitives as the elusive Mr. Balaclava. Team Alpha interrogated Angus, who was extremely tight lipped but admitted to providing the Fugitives with a care package.

After siblings Bryon and Tanase had received word of the Hunters’ sighting from their seemingly safe Alpaca Farm, they were sent into a panic and couldn’t agree on their next move. Tanase wanted to return to the city, while Byron wanted to go completely off the grid and camp. Meanwhile, Hunted HQ had received numerous calls from their local Wanted campaign, leading them directly to the Alpaca Farm, but unfortunately for the Hunters when they arrived, Byron and Tanase were nowhere in sight.

After moving to Broadmeadows, the siblings bickered some more about staying at their friend Naree’s place, and eventually agreed to contact a friend for assistance. Intercepting the phone call made from Melbourne Zoo, Hunted Team Charlie tracked the duo to Naree’s residence. But just as Byron and Tanase were about to leave, Tanase noticed someone at the front door. Unable to flee, the siblings hid in a wardrobe while Hunted Team Charlie raided the premises. After an intense and gut-wrenching search, Byron and Tanase were captured. It was an emotional end to the sibling’s time on the run.


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