Rush comes to a end

After eight countries in an amazing trip around the world, the final three contestants – CK, Hamish and Sofia – are dropped at Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa, the highest commercial bungee jump in the world at 216 metres. Sofia admits this is her biggest fear but says she is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Hamish loves travel, adventure and new experiences. CK has been pushing himself out of his comfort zone for this entire competition. All three bungee jump to avoid the one-hour time penalty and together receive their first clue.

The clue leads them to the hedge maze at Redberry Farm, 140 kilometres away in a town called George. With 3000 rand each to spend, CK asks locals for help with the clue and is directed to a different maze at Plett Puzzle Park. First to leave, CK spends all his money on a taxi. Hamish also ends up at the wrong maze, over 100km away from where DG is. The maze is very simple, and it doesn’t take long for both Hamish and CK to realise their error. They learn they should have gone to Redberry Farm instead. Hamish scores a ride with locals while CK begs his taxi driver to take him the rest of the way there.

Sofia is first to arrive at the Redberry Farm hedge maze, but she becomes hopelessly lost, taking more than an hour to find DG. Hamish comes in second, with CK a close third. Their next move is to find the check in hotel at Mossel Bay. In the lead, Sofia agrees to help lift palettes in exchange for a lift. But she only gets a lift to the main road and still has to organise a taxi. CK convinces an employee to order him a taxi, prompting Hamish to do the same. Hamish strategically positions himself to steal the first taxi to arrive and is first to check in. Sofia is second, and CK is a close third. He is disappointed with his performance on the first day but knows he has what it takes to win.

On the final day of the competition, they must each successfully complete two missions before heading to the Escape Zone where they will learn the winner. The first is to sky dive at Cape Farms, Cape Town and the second is to complete a gruelling 3km hike to the top of the world-famous Table Mountain. They are all more determined than ever to win.

Hamish maintains his lead at the sky dive, with Sofia in second and CK a close third. CK tries to trip up Sofia by locking away her bag and hiding the key, but she is able to find it and continue to the final mission.

The hike up Table Mountain is very challenging and CK quickly overtakes Sofia. Hamish is first to the top, where he receives a final clue. They now must take the cable car back down the mountain and find a flare at the Nelson Mandela statue in Noble Square. The first person there will claim the winning flare. Hamish convinces fellow passengers on the cable car to give him a lift while CK arranges a taxi. They are neck and neck. Sofia refuses to give up on the hike and is last to make it to the top.

CK, Hamish and Sofia (and their flares) take cars to the Escape Zone. Before they learn the winner, DG surprises them with a visit from their family members – CK’s brother, Hamish’s mum and Sofia’s sister. After an emotional reunion, DG lights the final flares and they learn that Hamish is the winner. He has won $100,000 and two first class tickets around the world.

Hamish and his mum are whisked away in a helicopter, the final escape vehicle.


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