Shaynna Blaze wins Celebrity Apprentice

Shaynna Blaze wins Celebrity Apprentice

Shaynna Blaze was tonight awarded the title of Celebrity Apprentice 2021, defeating Ross Noble in the Finale to take out the title, and raising an incredible record-breaking total during the season of over $470,000 for her charity, Voice of Change.
Both Celebrities went toe-to-toe in an unforgettable Finale, showcasing their skills, wit, and network of contacts to fight tooth and nail for every dollar they could.
Following the Finale, Shaynna said “I’m so elated to have been able to raise so much money for Voice of Change. The money raised will go such a long way to creating more awareness of the seriousness of family violence, and hopefully, acting as a voice of change.”
“It’s been such a whirlwind experience throughout the series, and Ross was such a deserving, creative finalist. I’m glad we, and all the other Celebrities were able to do so much for our chosen charities.”
While Shaynna hosted a gala dinner, auctioning off big ticket items to her high-profile guests, Ross opted for a vastly different approach to the open challenge in a way that only he could – staging a bank heist experience for guests, complete with explosions, getaway cars, and more.
Ultimately it was Shaynna who was able to raise $326,000 from the final task to Ross’ $83,500, gaining an additional $100,000 in prize money as the winner of the series.
Her total winnings of over $470,000 was the most ever raised by a celebrity across all six seasons of the show, and will all go to her new charity Voice of Change, advocating for changes to cultural attitudes that underpin family violence by way of grants to support the arts, creating awareness for these important issues.
Throughout the season, Ross was able to raise an amazing grand total of over $100,000 for the Australian Red Cross disaster recovery and relief fund, helping those in urgent need following disasters such as bushfires and floods, and ensuring mental wellbeing in the months and years that follow.


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