Pressure Test Déjà Vu For Maja.

Pressure Test Déjà Vu For Maja.

Following their loss in yesterday’s team challenge, Maja, Tommy, Depinder and Pete arrived at the MasterChef kitchen ready to cook for their place in the competition.

Mel introduced today’s guest chef and MasterChef Australia alumni Khanh Nguyen from Sunda. Khanh revealed his dish, pork wellington with lattice crackling and flavours of banh mi, and with four hours and 15 minutes on the clock, the contestants needed to complete nearly 100 steps.

Pete plated up his dish first, the pork was a touch overcooked, but Andy said they were splitting hairs and the dish was very close to Khanh’s.

Tommy was confident with his knowledge of Vietnamese flavours. He was elated with his dish and Jock admitted it was 99 per cent accurate.

Depinder’s dish had both negatives and positives, the texture of her dressing was odd and salty, but the pork and paté were the best of the group.  

Maja struggled throughout the challenge. The thickness of her pastry had stopped the inside of her Wellington from properly cooking. The pressure was too great and Maja’s errors sent her home from MasterChef Australia for the second time.


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