Shark Tank out swims Bondi Rescue

Bondi’s lifeguards sank on this week’s episode of All Star Family Feud. The might of their opposition, the sharks from Shark Tank, proved too much for the lifeguards, who did not get to play a single round.

The Shark Tank team was captained by Naomi Simson with team mates Steve Baxter, Janine Allis and Dr. Glen Richards against Bondi Rescue’s Nicola Atherton, Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins, Anthony “Harries” Carroll and Jesse Polock.

Shark Tank scored an early win in round one despite Steve striking out with his answer to the question “Name a place where you might have a first kiss”.

The Sharks were enjoying themselves with wins in round two and three before team Bondi Rescue won their first points in round four by answering “Slouch” to “Name a slang term for a lazy person”.

Naomi found herself tongue-tied in round five when asked to “Name something requiring good balance”.  Janine chatted about her experiences working on the late David Bowie’s yacht, which led to Grant impersonating Mick Jagger playing frisbee.  Round five went to the sharks again.

Round six went to a jubilant team Bondi Rescue, but unfortunately, even with triple points their score was not enough to clinch the game and they lost out to Shark Tank 305 points to 253.

Naomi and Janine stepped up for Fast Money, netting their charity Cerebral Palsy Alliance $30,000. Bondi Rescue won $10,000 for their charity Camp Quality.

Next week’s episode stars Long Lost Family co-host Chrissie Swan and Joel Creasey who have recruited their families for the challenge. Joel, his mother Jenny and friends Thomas and Kyle will be playing for Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. Chrissie will be joined by her mother Pat, aunt Carmel and sister Catherine playing for Ardoch Youth Foundation.

All Star Family Feud airs 7:30pm Mondays on Ten