My Kitchen Rules finds it’s top 6

My Kitchen Rules finds it’s top 6

South Australian husband and wife team Carmine and Lauren put up one of their strongest fights last night defeating Victoria’s Eve and Jason by a margin of 9 points.  

As the two weakest teams from last night’s Chef’s Table challenge, Carmine and Lauren and Eve and Jason cooked for survival tonight with each team presenting their best three course menu to hosts Pete Evans and Manu Feildel and guest judges Karen Martini, Guy Grossi, Liz Egan and Colin Fassnidge.

 Carmine and Lauren’s entrée of tortellini in brodo received a mixed response from the judges. All agreed the broth had good flavour, but believed the team’s lack of technique with the pasta had let them down.

 “The pasta could have been worked a little more to give it a more al dente consistency. It was just thick and stodgy,” said Guy. Pete agreed saying the dish was only “half way there.”

 Eve and Jason also chose pasta for their entrée serving up choux gnocchi with spring vegetables, but the dish fell flat with the judges.

 “I can’t say a lot that’s positive about this dish,” said Guy.  Colin agreed saying: “The pastry should be fluffier.” Karen believed the team had failed to execute the concept of the dish: “I don’t see any spring vegetables here.” Manu agreed, saying: “it doesn’t sing spring.”

 Eve and Jason’s main of lamb cutlets with parsnip puree, mushrooms and veal jus was slightly better received by the judges. Colin commended the team on their protein: “the lamb is cooked to perfection. It’s rosy pink and it’s been rested well.” But there was a consensus around the table that the dish needed more. “I wanted to see more razzmatazz, there needs to be something special on this plate and there really isn’t,” said Karen. Colin echoed the sentiment, saying: “I agree, it’s not wowing me.”

 By contrast, Carmine and Lauren’s main of beef brisket with mushy peas and roasted bone marrow was a firm favourite with the judges.

 “The bone marrow is delicious,” said Guy. “This to me is a bold dish. It’s brave putting up the bone with the marrow in it which is absolutely superb.”  The judges agreed the brisket “full of flavour,” but also agreed the dish was lacking in sauce.  “Part of eating a beautiful braised dish is you get plenty of sauce,” noted Liz.

 Both teams plated up strong desserts. While the appearance of Eve and Jason’s lemon cheesecake with citrus curd and pepita crumb confused the judges, all agreed the flavour outshone its presentation.

 Looking at it when it when the dessert first arrived, I felt like it was almost a finished dessert, like it was ready to be cleared . . . but the flavour in the cheese mixture is beautiful. It’s delicate, its light and it’s got this lovely vanilla coming through,” said Guy.

 Colin agreed: “Looks are very deceiving on this, because I think this packs the biggest punch of flavour from their entire menu tonight.”

 But it was Carmine and Lauren’s dessert of apple and crumb tart with cinnamon ice cream that gave them the lead, with Pete saying it was one of the best desserts in the competition.

“It was very simple on the plate. Two elements. Well, they were impeccable!” said Karen. “The pastry, the pastry cream, the apple, the cinnamon ice cream . . . glorious! Hands down it was the dish of the night,” she continued. Guy agreed, saying: “the pastry is crisp and just falls apart in your mouth.  So fine, so beautiful.”

Leaving the competition with a sudden death score of 35, Eve and Jason said they would forever remember their time on My Kitchen Rules.

“We’ve had an absolute ball…it’s just been a blast,” said Jason. “There’s not been one single regret.”