Seven sets Koala Rescue for Sunday

Seven sets Koala Rescue for Sunday

Seven has scheduled a bushfire special focusing on Koala Rescue

One iconic Aussie animal became the deadly symbol of summer’s devastating megafires. Koalas were trapped in the flames – unable to escape, unable to outrun. Pictures of burnt and dying koalas were broadcast around the world, and if not for the work of volunteers to head out into the flames and pull the animals from the path of the fires, many thousands more may have been killed.

Koala Rescue profiles the courage and determination of these everyday heroes who went out of their way to rescue, treat and rehabilitate the koalas who survived.

Focussing on the key fire fronts that affected the Australian icon – Kangaroo Island, the Snowy Mountains, the Blue Mountains and Port Macquarie – we meet rescuers and carers from Australia and the world who heeded the call to come and help.

7 pm Sunday on Seven