Seven Sets Big Brother Return

Seven Sets Big Brother Return

Big Brother is back with an event 21 years in the making next week.

A total of 21 new and returning housemates, ranging in age from 22-52, will enter the custom-built house throughout the season with the aim of surviving every eviction and living together for 62 days. They’ll be cut off from the outside world with cameras and microphones recording their every move for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With toe-curling panic room tasks, fabulous dinner parties, twisted punishments, agonising challenge and plenty of Big Brother bombshells, avoiding eviction will require wit, determination, stamina and a bulletproof strategy.

Will a returning housemate be able to survive all the way to the end? Or will a first-time housemate pave the way for a new look Big Brother winner?

The Big Brother royalty include:

Anthony Drew, 33 – 2013 housemate 

Dave Graham, 42 – 2006 housemate

Estelle Landy, 33 – 2012 housemate

Layla Subritzky, 33 – 2012 runner-up

Reggie Bird, 42 – 2003 winner

Tim Dormer, 37 – 2013 winner

Trevor Butler, 48 – 2004 winner

Tully Smyth, 34 – 2013 housemate

The first five new housemates are:

Aleisha, 24 – Entrepreneur

Gabbie, 22 – Retail Worker

Jaycee, 23 – Musician and Rapper

Joel, 26 – Fitness fanatic

Johnson, 25 – Big Brother superfan

Josh, 32 – Ex international model

Lara, 52 – Hairdresser

Lulu, 39 – Community worker

Melanie, 41 – Receptionist

Sam, 31 – Intimacy coach

Taras, 34 – Musician

Big Brother Premieres 7:30pm Monday, 9 May on Channel 7.


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