Lego Masters delivers an emotional elimination

Lego Masters delivers an emotional elimination

This massive episode kicks off as the teams walk in to see a helipad in the middle of the room, Hamish flies a drone into the studio, through the doors landing it on the pad in front of them. They have to build a tiny dragon that will attach to the drone, which can only hold a maximum of 250g, so every piece needs to count, and they must test their dragon drone builds regularly to make sure they fly. In the second challenge they’ll be playing for the Titanium Brick of Triumph and won’t find out until the end if it’s an elimination.

With just 3 hours to build their dragons, this is the shortest build yet this series. Joss and Henry, who are well-known as the dragon experts are pumped and believe this will finally be their chance to put an end to Nick and Gene’s phenomenal winning streak. They decide to build a Chinese New Year Dragon, as they typically don’t have wings, so their strategy is to make it light and aerodynamic. Nick and Gene go for a Skeletal Dragon, also to make it as light as possible they are just building the skeleton of their dragon.

It’s a ‘Dragon Off’ as competition is ramps up between Nick and Gene and Joss and Henry – who will build the best dragon which can fly fastest on the drone?

Alex and Caleb choose to build a blue Water Dragon, which ends up becoming a chunky beast, the biggest dragon in the room, giving them headaches trying to get it to fly.

Kirsti and Dan go for a Green Forest Dragon, using an alligator’s head as the dragon’s mouth, some NPU (Nice Part Usage) that Brickman is super impressed by. During a bench visit, Hamish also discovers that Kirsti is colour blind, despite the fact she has built with an incredible colour palette all series.

Trent and Paul create an Arachnoid Dragon or “Dragon-Fly” as they dub it, feeling up against strong dragon builders in this challenge, they go for something different to try and set themselves apart. Branko and Max are inspired to build the ‘Banana Dragon’ after Max’s banana-eating marathon from last episode, when the necklace of nuisance was bestowed upon them. Lexi and Rach go for a Red Fire dragon, Lexi chooses to pilot their drone since she plays video games and has fast fingers!

The pedal is to the metal in this fast build, and as soon as time is up Hamish reveals that for the first time in Lego Masters history they’re going out of the studio, to fly their drones!

Arriving at the Sydney Cricket Ground at night, the teams are in awe and full of excitement to be there in the middle of the grounds. The racecourse has four gates for the teams to fly through and land back at the start, in a time trial.  The fastest team is also going to be awarded the Hamish Blake Bonus point. Married couple Trent and Paul kick off with a hilarious race through the course, with Trent as pilot and Paul backseat-driving, they get through in 1.13 seconds. Kirsti and Dan are up next and after a good start, she spectacularly crashes their dragon drone into one of the gates!

Brickman is worried about Nick and Gene’s fragile skeleton wings surviving the flight, but not only does it stay intact, they zoom through the entire course in a rapid 41 seconds, setting a new Time to Beat. Followed by Max and Branko with 57 seconds, Alex and Caleb 1.22 seconds, and Lexi and Rach who also crash their dragon early into the gates. Joss and Henry are last up and geared up to finally thrash Nick and Gene, but in a huge upset Henry crashes their precious dragon into the second gate! *SPOILERS Although Brickman loved the aesthetics of Joss and Henry’s build, Nick and Gene get the Hamish Blake bonus point for speed and win again – an astonishing record-breaking 6th win in a row!

The second build is Grandscapes, so after building these tiny little dragons, the teams quickly turn their minds to build a huge landscape in 10 hours that tells an amazing story. The winner will get the Titanium Brick and they don’t find out until the end of the build if it is the second elimination. Time starts and the teams have to lay a lot of bricks down quickly to get the dramatic impact in their landscapes. Nick and Gene’s advantage from winning the previous challenge is the Brick Butler (Hamish) who is ‘at their service’ for an hour, making them juices, feeding them chicken nuggets, and serving them the finest Danish Lego bricks. They build a Himalayan Mountain scene telling the story of the search for the Fountain of Youth.

Kirsti and Dan decide to create a Ship in distress in a wild storm with a lighthouse shining out into the dark night sky. Kirsti’s has an artistic vision for an amazing huge colour-blended wall like a painting, but this is taking her most of the build to create Brickman questions whether it’s a risk spending all that time on it?

Alex and Caleb create Grandma’s Cottage in the mountains, but after pouring most of their time into creating the sheer volume of their mountains, they run out of time to finish their story. Branko and Max decide to build the Grand Canyon, however hit issues with making their build very flat and with unnatural looking patterns, but it may be too late to change?

Joss and Henry struggle to bounce back after their loss in the dragon challenge, but after a rocky start they create an incredible Secluded Waterfall build with a stunning forest, and micro-animals including a bear and deer and a little hut – the only ones to do microscale.

Lexi and Rach build a Winter Wonderland in the snow with a frozen river, ski lodge and snowman. Trent and Paul make an ‘Egyptian Archaeological Site’ inspired by their travels there, with archaeologists and their pack horses, discovering buried treasures and pyramids.

After a gruelling ten hours of laying as many bricks as they can, time is up and the Top 2 are announced – Joss and Henry and Kirsti and Dan! *SPOILERS Joss and Henry win and finally wrestle the Titanium Brick of Triumph from Nick and Gene’s hands. The Bottom Two are Alex and Caleb and Branko and Max.

Tears are welling from all teams’ eyes before any announcement is made and there’s a big outpouring when Branko and Max are eliminated and leave the studio for the last time after this epic double build.


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