Seven sets A Big Adventure for Sunday

Seven sets A Big Adventure for Sunday

Seven has looked in it’s next Reality series The Big Adventure for Sunday nights.

The series which will be hosted by Jason Dundas will  see 12 strangers compete in extreme conditions for the prize of a lifetime. On a secret island in the South Pacific, carved out of the jungle, sits the Treasure Grid. Under one of the squares, a life-changing prize lies buried – one million dollars.

In every episode, contestants will earn the right to dig in the Treasure Grid in the hope of unearthing a golden key. Only one of those keys will unlock the million dollar prize.

The challenges are unlike anything ever seen before and will take place on the Sky Rig, a stadium suspended over water. These 12 ordinary Aussies will be pushed to their limits as their skills, smarts, speed and stamina are tested. They will have to embrace the unknown and face their fears head on. There will be doubts, disappointments and failure. But those who don’t give up on their dreams will be triumphant. One million dollars lies waiting… which lucky person will dig their way to victory?

6:30pm Sunday on Seven.

As a result of the change The X Factor Finale performance show will screen at 8 PM with Castle following at 10 PM


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