Seven locks in Specials Drops The X Factor Again

Seven’s schedules are looking a little bare with decent content of late  and next week is no exception.

Following Sunday Night at 9 pm will be a special called World’s Most Extreme Roads.

A look into the most remote, surprising and death-defying roads in the world. From the Russian highway washed away by mud every year to the Chinese-Tibetan road constantly prone to avalanches and falling rocks, some commutes are a risk everyday .

9 PM Sunday on Seven

Castle will follow at 10 PM

With the Masterchef finale now scheduled for Monday July 28 The  X Factor will take the night off and be replaced by Highway Patrol and The Force from 7:30 PM with the premiere of Total Recall at 8:30 PM.

The X Factor will screen Sunday 6:30 and 7:30  Tuesday and Wednesday for the second week in a row.