Seven locks in House Rules

Seven locks in House Rules

Seven locks in House Rules and it will be  shorter comitment then The Block  only airing three nights in the first week

Channel Seven today announced that House Rules, hosted by Johanna Griggs, will premiere on Tuesday, May 14 at 7:30pm.

The exciting new renovation series, from the makers of My Kitchen Rules, will deliver home renovations on a scale never before seen on Australian television with an entire home transformed and revealed every week.

The changes will be more than just physical with the much longed-for revamps taking place in contestants’ own houses around Australia, promising an emotional return to their homes for these teams and their families.

The six teams competing are:

Michelle and Steve (New South Wales)
Nick and Chris (Victoria)
Amy and Sean (Queensland)
Carly and Leighton (South Australia)
Jemma and Ben (Western Australia)
Jane and Plinio (Tasmania)

With a life-changing prize on the line, the House Rules teams will each hand over the keys to their homes and allow their competitors free reign to transform their house. It’s the key to a whole new life, but will they open the door to their dream home, or their worst nightmare.

Host Johanna Griggs expects lots of passion and pride in the way teams will tackle the renovations, and in the way the results are received by the homeowners. After all, this is something these teams have longed for, but not been able to accomplish until now because of large mortgages.

“I’m expecting lots of drama, lots of laughter and hopefully some incredibly creative, clever Australian skills on display. But because we are dealing with people’s own homes, I’m expecting the stakes to be high, the competition to be tough and the results incredible,” she says.

House Rules continues Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30pm on Seven.

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I am also pleased to announce that Courtney will be taking on the show while i cover The Block.


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