Celebrity Splash- Semi Final 1

Celebrity Splash- Semi Final 1

It’s the semi-final of Celebrity Splash and tonight, the celebrities DIVE LIVE! Or so they say…

We’re treated to another show-opening performance by some professionals before getting into it. Kylie and Larry remind us that this week, they’ll be doing synchronised diving. This is how it will work- one celebrity diver will go through to the grand finale. One will be sent home. The remaining two will go into a dive off. Hmm… that’s four contestants. What about the other four? This is confusing!

We meet the judges again before getting into the first dive. The way they comment on this show is the cringe-worthiest thing I’ve heard!

So, Tamsyn Lewis is first tonight. I’m guessing they’re going to be doing one lot of single diving first. She will be diving off of the 10m mark, the first female to do this to date. She dives off backwards and goes in head first. It wasn’t that bad actually. Matt says she looked comfortable but says she was a little short. He gives her an 8 for technique and a 7. Alisa says she was better this week and calls her gutsy. She gives her an 8 and a 9. Greg says there was a balance between relaxation and tension. He gives her an 8 and a 9. This gives her 49.

Next up is Brynne Edelsten. She’ll be going off the 5m mark. Will she go up again? She handstands on the edge of the diving board and does a turn in the air before going in hands down. Matt calls it a beautiful dive and calls it an improvement on herself but still not as good as Tamsyn’s handstand dive from last week. He gives her an 8 and a 6. Alisa is pleased she challenged herself and thinks she is stronger than what she gives herself credit for. Alisa gives her an 8 and a 7. Greg thinks she needs to take ‘I can’t’ out of her vocabulary. He gives her a 7 and an 8 giving her a 44.

Paul Fenech is next. He will be diving off the 7.5m mark. He’s still hurt but he’s diving for his number one fans and some of his friends who have just beaten cancer. It’s touching, but he’s a little crazy tonight. Expect some fireworks? Her manages to do two rotations after jumping off backwards! He was a bit short on the third. It was still quite good.

Matt notices he was short but loves how he went up a level. Matt gives him a 5 and an 8. Alisa knew it would be hard for him to focus. She gives him a 6 and a 9. Greg didn’t think it was a great dive but a good try. He gives him a 7 and a 9. That’s a 44 overall!

Andrew Symonds is next. He is diving from 10m. He does the same dive as Brynne. Matt saw it was over-rotated. He gives Andrew a 7 and an 8. Alisa loves how he is working hard and listening to his coach. Kylie almost forgot scores. She gives him a 7 and a 9. Greg saw focus and determination. He scores Andrew an 8 and a 9. That’s 48!

We now find out that Brynne and Tamsyn and Andrew and Pauly will be the first two synchronised divers and we will see them dive now! They will be diving from 3m. They are costumed in masquerade masks. Let’s just say it wasn’t synchronised diving. From this, the judges will give just one score factoring in technique and teamwork. Matt calls Brynne ‘twisted’ and Tamsyn ‘high’ (the dives, not their personalities) and gives Brynne a 5 and Tamsyn an 8. Alisa doesn’t think they’re ready for the grand finale. She gives Brynne a 4 and Tamsyn a 7. Greg calls the teamwork NOW awesome, but not on the board. He gives Brynne a 5 and Tamsyn an 8. That takes Brynne up to 58 and Tamsyn up to 72.

Andrew and Pauly are up next. They’re diving from 7.5m. Theirs is much better and much more synched. Matt says they did well despite their height difference. He calls Andrew’s dive amazing, giving Andrew a 9 and Pauly an 8. Alisa agrees and gives Andrew a 9 and Pauly an 8. Greg is no different, giving Andrew a 9 but Pauly a 7. That gives Andrew a 27 overall and Pauly a 23.

Here are the scores after that:





Ahhh, it finally becomes clear, only FOUR celebrities are diving tonight. I assumed they all were. Wow, 2 hours for 7 dives. Not good at all.

It’s now time for the results, factoring in the audience scores. The first diver through to the grand finale is…Andrew Symonds! The celebrities diving off tonight are…Tamsyn Lewis and… Pauly! That means Brynne has been eliminated.

It’s now time for the dive-off. Each contestant will be doing the same dive they did for their solo dive. For Tamsyn, it’s an ‘inward tuck dive’. Pauly’s dive is called an ‘inward one-and-a-half somersault’.

The judges now vote.

MATT: Tamsyn
ALISA: Tamsyn
GREG: Not needed

With that, Tamsyn is through, Pauly is gone and the episode is over.


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