Seven Goes To the Dogs

Seven Goes To the Dogs

Seven has clearly run out of content or maybe it’s a good thing that the special Secret Life of Dogs is being used to fill a gap.

In the Beautifully shot, heart-warming and scientifically revealing film, narrated by Martin Clunes, gives you Dogs as you’ve never seen them before. Why does your dog make such a mess when it drinks? Why do they always lick us on the lips? And did you know that dogs are either left or right pawed? By following the growth of an immensely cute puppy, this film shows us how dogs see, smell and experience the world. You’ll never look at your dog the same way again. But we’ll also hear how dogs have saved lives, rebuilt marriages and detected diseases. It’s a love affair that just keeps getting stronger.

Secret Life of Dogs uses cutting-edge cinematography to really get under the fur of our most prized companions, from their super power senses to their extraordinary behaviour and unquestioning loyalty; but most of all this film really gets to grips with their relationship with us.

Revealing spectacular new insights into the way dogs understand us, love us and in some cases, can dramatically save or enhance our lives, this film uncovers how the true success of their species is our mutually beneficial relationship.

Following a puppy from birth to motherhood, this beautiful film also tells amazing stories of how dogs are transformed from being born blind and deaf into highly sophisticated animals, and explores the weird and completely wonderful ways of dogs.

7:30 PM on SEVEN


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