Masterchef top 10 to become 11

Masterchef top 10 to become 11

It’s a numbers game next week on MasterChef Australia when, in a shock twist, nine previously eliminated contestants return to the MasterChef Australia kitchen, with one of them guaranteed to win a place back in the competition.

Sunday 21 July, 7.30pm

We are down to the top 10 on MasterChef Australia and with the home straight in sight, the energy is high. As the contestants meet the judges in the MasterChef Australia kitchen they are told there is no elimination this week and there is an immunity pin up for grabs. To win, they must beat everyone else standing in the kitchen and, most of all, they need consistency.

Fail at one challenge this week and contestants are out of the running for immunity. Round one sees a spice-grinding skills test, where one contestant drops out of the running. But in true MasterChef Australia style the judges announce a bittersweet twist that no one saw coming. By the end of the week a previously eliminated contestant will return to the competition. Each of the nine contestants left standing is then paired with a returning contestant, who will be their cooking partner for the week. In round two each pair will cook with two Chinese ingredients. The two pairs with the least impressive dishes will be banished to the gantry, dashing their hopes for immunity and a chance to return to the competition.


Monday 22 July, 7.30pm

On MasterChef Australia tonight, the seven remaining pairs are given free rein to cook whatever they like… but there’s a catch. They must produce two identical dishes, while being separated from their partners by a large divider, meaning they cannot see or taste their partner’s dish until the tasting. The duo who fail to mirror each other’s work and impress the judges will find themselves standing up in the gantry for the rest of the week.


Tuesday 23 July, 7.30pm

The pressure is on today, when the six remaining pairs are given the challenge of recreating Nick Palumbo’s black forest ice-cream cake, in a relay-style challenge. The pairs are divided into three teams of four, with each team member getting 45 minutes in the freezer working through the recipe. In the last 10 minutes of the challenge, all team members may enter the freezer to help assemble the cake. The team with the least impressive ice cream cake will join the onlookers in the gantry.


Wednesday 24 July, 7.30pm

Only four pairs remain: four original contestants who are vying for an immunity elimination pin and four returning contestants hoping to reclaim their spot in the competition. Today is an invention test, with each pair having to create a sweet and a savoury dish. The hero ingredient – butter – must be integral to the finished product. There will only be one winning pair at the end of the challenge, with the judges deciding who made the best dishes. One of the pair will win immunity, the other is back in the competition.


Thursday 25 July, 7.30pm

Join us on the picturesque Bellarine Peninsula for this week’s MasterClass, where Matt gets back to basics with a homemade tartare sauce, perfect for your weekend fish and chips at the beach. Gary takes some fresh local produce to create a hearty dish for the local lifesavers and embraces the local seaside with perfect homemade beer-battered fish and chips. George revisits one of the week’s challenges when he prepares a King George whiting cooked in burnt orange, kilpatrick mayonnaise and local leaves.

Guest chef and Bellarine local, Aaron Turner, takes George foraging for his favourite wild produce to create his signature dish.

7:30PM Sunday- Thursday on TEN

Source: Network Ten


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