Seven Doubles Winners and Losers rests Parenthood

Next Tuesday Seven screens an unmissable double episode of Winners and Losers. 

The double episode  which comprises of episodes 20 and 21 of season 3 With the titles of  Time Waits For No One / The Right Wrong Choice  are  some  of the strongest episodes the show has ever delivered. You will need  the tissues as Katherine Hicks, goes through a roller coaster of emotions.

Bec confronts Ryan about his continued distance and is stunned by his response. Frustrated by the awkwardness between her and Flynn, Sam throws herself into work and finds herself drawn to a young cancer patient, Adam. Jenny has an interview but the recent nude photo could ruin her chances and Sophie makes a mess of her date with Evan. While  Frances wants to show Zach a sign of her commitment 

8:45 PM Tuesday on 7.

Parenthood will have the night off  with  Botched Up Bodies airing at 10:45 PM.