Inside Story March 5

Inside Story March 5

Tonight’s Inside Story focuses on female killers.

In the movies, they’re sexy, sultry seductresses… cunning liars who manipulate men with their lustful acts. Blonde bombshell Jodi Arias played the role to perfection, but this wasn’t a movie.

And Michelle Burgess, she was a cold, scheming predator – a temptress who used sex as a weapon… with deadly results. Two women – from both sides of the world – don’t seem to have anything in common; American Jodi Arias is glamorous, softly spoken and seemingly very nice, and Adelaide woman Michelle Burgess is a plain, brash, married, mother-of-two.

Both women are obsessive and controlling, and both will stop at nothing, not even murder, to get what they want…and what they want is another man.

8:40 PM Tonight on Nine.


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