Seven Doubles The Amazing Race removes The Goldbergs for Monday

Seven Doubles The Amazing Race removes The Goldbergs for Monday

Seven has made a few schedule changes for Monday.

No surprises here  after giving The Amazing Race The My Kitchen Rules bitchiness treament  Seven now look to be not caring about the   audience by airing a double episode with only a few days notice.


Tension is running high and threatens to turn physical between Kiwis Jono and Johnny. The heat and conditions take their toll on one team and the pit stop conclusion stuns all.  Teams are heading for a culture shock when they hit the freezing temperatures of St Petersburg, Russia. A task to re-code naval flag signals divides  alliances and the chance to derail one  of the strongest teams runs off track.  But it’s the Pit Stop that holds the  biggest surprise for all

8:40 Monday on Seven

As a result of the double episode The Goldbergs has been removed from the schedule indefinitely while New series The Life of Students will air at 11 PM

Follows the lives of 12 students through the eyes and ears of social media as they leave home. Every text, call, Facebook update, tweet and google search will show exactly what they share and hide as their lives begin to change


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