Seven confirms Million Dollar Island launches next week

Seven confirms Million Dollar Island launches next week

Welcome to Million Dollar Island: the revolutionary new social experiment where staying alive is a fiercely contested sport. Get ready to witness the drama, intrigue and rivalry when the ground-breaking series premieres next week

Win, lose, unite or divide: it’s game on as 100 contestants fight for their share of the $1 million prize in a competition that will showcase the best and worst human behaviour. 

Farmers, retail workers, garbos, nurses, real estate agents and more leave the real world to fight for the $1 million prize. Everyday Aussies land on a remote desert island, each wearing a bracelet worth $10,000. They gain or lose bracelets by competing in challenges, forming alliances, scheming or stealing while trying to survive the harsh conditions with limited means.  

On Million Dollar Island, alliances mean everything, and friendships are worth a fortune. Ultimately, a nail-biting final challenge will help determine who walks away with a life-changing prize.

Million Dollar Island is hosted by Ant Middleton and produced by award-winning Eureka Productions. 

Million Dollar Island Premieres 7.00pm next Monday, 12 June on Seven 


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