Seven announces Olivia Newton-John Hopelessly Devoted To You cast

Channel Seven has announced a massive ensemble cast who will star in the two-part biopic of Australian singing luminary Olivia Newton-John.

Olivia Newton-John Hopelessly Devoted To You stars Delta Goodrem as Olivia Newton-John and Morgan Griffin as young Olivia from her teenage years to early twenties.

Georgia Flood, Kate JenkinsonRobyn MalcolmTodd LasanceGyton Grantley and George Xanthis round out the cast playing the pivotal roles in Olivia’s personal life and career.

For more than five decades, Olivia has been the one that we want. This moving and inspiring biopic is a tribute to Olivia’s life, her loves, her family, her fight and her iconic songs, films and fashion. The story takes you on a rich, colourful ride from the early 60s in Australia, the UK and America to modern day, charting her trailblazing persona in one of the world’s toughest industries.

Reflecting on the honour of playing Olivia Newton-John, Delta Goodrem explains:

“Olivia influenced my earliest years as an evolving artist and became the backbone of influence to living my life and heart as a proud Australian artist.  I aspired to have her grace, humility and talent from the time I started singing.

“I grew up with Olivia’s energy and beautiful voice in my world through her music, and then from an early age I was truly blessed to find friendship and mentorship from Olivia. She is an icon. I am deeply humbled to play my idol and friend, and I am truly excited to share with people a part of Olivia’s life story.”

Commenting on the biopic, Channel Seven’s Director of Programming, Angus Ross, said: “We feel very privileged to be able to tell Olivia’s story with a stellar cast of Australian faces that truly do pay homage to the style, poise and flair of this incredibly vibrant era.”

FremantleMedia Australia’s Head of Drama, Jo Porter, added: “To have an actor that understands the music industry inside and out brings a unique perspective to the realization of this remarkable story.”

Bringing the story of an international inspiration and Australia’s original sweetheart to life is award-winning directorShawn Seet, esteemed producer Margot McDonald, and writers Elizabeth ColemanPip Karmel and Keith Thompson.


Delta Goodrem                         Olivia Newton-John (from age 22)

Morgan Griffin                         Olivia Newton-John (age 16-22)

Kate Jenkinson                        Pat Carroll (from age 22)

Georgia Flood                          Pat Carroll (from age 16-22)

Robyn Malcolm                        Irene Newton-John

Richard Blight                          Brinley Newton-John

Todd Lasance                          Lee Kramer

Richard Brancatisano              Matt Lattanzi

George Xanthis                        John Travolta

Paul David-Goddard                 John Farrar (from age 22)

Ben Shumann                          John Farrar (age 18)

Diana Glenn                             Nancy Chuda

David James                            Peter Allen

Lucy Honigman                       Helen Reddy

Gyton Grantley                         Roger Davies

Hugo Johnstone-Burt               Bruce Welch

Anthony Brandon Wong          Patrick McDermott

Will Ewing                               Ian Turpie

Jeremy Lindsay-Taylor            John Easterling

Grant Cartwright                      Peter Allen

Alison Bell                               Betsy Cox

Lily Jones                                Chloe Lattanzi (from 4-9)

Alicia Banit                              Chloe Lattanzi (from age 19-20)

Sam Duncan                            Johnny O’Keefe

Olivia Newton-John Hopelessly Devoted To You is expected soon on Seven