Updated Seven adds News special bumps Bones

Seven has made a last minute change to the schedule affecting Bones

At 8:30 PM Seven will screen a Seven News Special The Mystery Of Flight MH370.

A presentation that looks into the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Join the team as they examine all the evidence in an attempt to unravel this ongoing mystery.

Bones will screen it’s new episode at 9:30 PM with a repeat to follow at 10:30 PM Tricked will take the night off.

Updated Seven has now revealed more details about the special.

As the world awaits the fate of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, Seven News will tonight bring viewers a
live one-hour news special on the latest information in the search for flight 370.

Hosted by Mark Ferguson and Melissa Doyle, The Mystery of Malaysia Flight 370 will provide live
coverage of breaking news with crosses to Seven News correspondent Alexis Donkin in Kuala Lumpur.

Through comprehensive analysis and commentary from aviation experts, the Seven News special will
explore possible theories on what could have happened and outcomes likely to be revealed. Interviews
with relatives of passengers who were on board the missing flight will also be featured.

The hunt for Malaysia Airlines flight 370, which disappeared early Saturday after taking off from Kuala
Lumpur bound for Beijing, now encompasses some 27,000 nautical miles and involves the defence forces
and intelligence agencies of several nations including Australia.

Seven News Special: The Mystery of Malaysia Flight 370 airs tonight on Channel Seven at 8.30.

The special will air at 9:30 PM in SA.