Selling Houses Australia Returns to Lifestyle

LIfeStyle Channel’s hit local production, Selling Houses Australia, is back for its ninth season next month.

Selling Houses Australia is the most successful locally produced series in subscription television history. Selling Houses Australia first premiered in 2008 and over the years the team have performed makeovers on over 80 properties, all around the country.

In the 13-episode season 9 host Andrew Winter is joined once again by interior designer Shaynna Blaze and landscape designer Charlie Albone, as they tackle their toughest challenges yet – turning Australia’s real estate lemons into desirable homes. From a wonky windmill to a mock-tudor monstrosity, the team weave their design magic in a bid to tempt buyers and give desperate vendors a much-needed sale.

What could be more attractive than a Victorian home in a beautiful country town? That’s what single mum Karen thought when she put her Ballarat house up for sale. The trouble is, this country manor doesn’t know if it’s 1880s or 1980s – with ugly pink walls, a daggy spa in the middle of the room and a dated extension. Buyers ran a mile from the ugly mish-mash of eras and with only one per cent of the Ballarat market in the vendor’s asking price – can Andrew, Shaynna and Charlie come up with a grand plan to sell the heritage home at a grand price?

In the series first double-episode makeover, the team faces their greatest challenge yet. “Old Linton” is a country manor in Yass, which interior spans almost an acre! This historic house was a Gatsby-style mansion in the 1920s and a home for injured war veterans in the 1940s. Now owners Karina and Stephe are struggling with the upkeep and need to sell – but who would take on a crumbling castle in the middle of the countryside? A property of this scale needs a global marketing strategy, so Andrew returns to his old stomping ground, “mother” England, for inspiration.

Selling Houses Australia premieres Wednesday, February 3 at 8.30pm on Lifestyle