Secrets Exposed And Sides Taken.

<strong>Secrets Exposed And Sides Taken.</strong>

The girl code was officially broken in tonight’s episode of The Bachelors Australia with not one, but two secrets exposed by one Bachelorette.

When the Bachelors stopped by the Bach Mansion for a cuppa and a gossip, Felix got more than he bargained for when Tash, Jed’s leading lady, took it upon herself to reveal one of Felix’s crushes, Jessica, had a boyfriend in the real world. Cue a whole lot of chaos ending in Krystal standing up for Jessica, declaring Tash shared information that was none of her business.  

Trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on, Felix pulled Jessica aside but left the mansion even more confused.  

An adrenalin pumping group date then led to a fired-up cocktail party as sides were well and truly taken. With heated words exchanged between Tash and Jasmine about the Jessica secret being revealed, Osher finally got the rose ceremony back on track where we said goodbye to Abby from Jed’s ladies, Alyin who was vying for Thomas’ affection and Emma who was there for Felix.

Post rose ceremony saw Tash reveal to the group that Jasmine had an Only Fans account but to honour the girl code, she didn’t plan on sharing that tidbit with Jed because it wasn’t her place.


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