Jasmine Jumps To Team Thomas

Jasmine Jumps To Team Thomas

It was a significant episode of The Bachelors with a rose ceremony like never before

With Tash still on the outs with a lot of the mansion due to her spilling of secrets, Jasmine’s mind was made up. If Jed really liked Tash, he probs wasn’t the Bach for her.

After doing some soul searching, Jasmine made a beeline for Thomas at the mansion BBQ telling him she thought he was more for her and that she would like to get to know him better.

At the rose ceremony, Yuri spoke her truth in telling Felix not to waste a rose on her, walking out immediately and leaving the mansion behind.

While Jed said goodbye to Jess T, shockwaves were felt when Jed called Jasmine’s name and offered her a rose which she politely declined. With the last rose remaining, Thomas took it and offered it to Jasmine, sending Marnie home.


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