Secrets and Lies to be adapted for US and sold to UK

Secrets and Lies to be adapted for US and sold to UK

It’s one of Ten’s big hopes for 2014 and if overseas deals are an indication we are in for a treat with Secrets and Lies 

The show which was originally intended to screen in 2013 has scored a US remake and sales to Norway and the UK.

Secrets & Lies is described as “a nerve racking plunge behind the curtains of suburbia following the story of Ben, an everyday family man who finds the body of a four-year-old boy and quickly becomes the prime murder suspect.

“From the moment we started collaborating about Secrets & Lies, we knew that we had an incredible piece of television in our hands,” Tracey Robertson, CEO of production company Hoodlum, says.

Ten’s head of network drama, Rick Maier, added: “This is a sensational early response and full credit to the cast and crew. The team at Hoodlum deserves all the success coming their way. We can’t wait for Australian audiences to see this powerful new series.”

Secrets and Lies will air in 2014 on TEN.



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