Brett and Emily Win Beauty and The Geek

Brett and Emily Win Beauty and The Geek

Brett and Emily walk away with the title and the $100,000 cash prize

Geek, Brett d’Avoine, and his Beauty, Emily Craig, have won the fifth series of Beauty And The Geek Australia.

The Victorian Beauty and Geek swam above a frenzy of feeding sharks, locked lips, competed blindfolded in a jungle obstacle course and danced for their lives before defeating Nathan Glover and Erin Barnett in the final elimination quiz.Avid comic book reader Brett will remember the series not only for the $100,000 cash prize he has won but for all the amazing friendships he forged along the way.

“I never expected to meet so many amazing people and have so much fun,” admits Brett.

During the series, Brett and Emily were strong contenders and earmarked as the team to beat. Between them they won six of the challenges.

For Emily, the reality TV series taught her to never judge a book by its cover and to dream big.

“Underneath all their geekiness were a great bunch of people who I will be friends with for life,” she says. “Brett was the best partner. We got along from the moment we met. Zac would lend me books and Matthew taught me the letters of the periodic table.”.

Season five of Beauty And The Geek Australia added a new flavour to the already successful reality formula, moving the series from the confines of a mansion to the tropical paradise of mainland Fiji and introducing new host James Tobin.


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