Scott McGregor returns to Neighbours in 2014

Scott McGregor returns to Neighbours in 2014

Neighbours favorite Scott McGregor will reprise his role for an upcoming story line.

The actor who plays Mark Brennan on the soap returned to screens earlier this year for a few episodes before disappearing again. will be back on screen early next year.Producers are remaining tight lipped on why Mark returns but speculation is rife that his return could see the departure of Asheligh Brewer who plays his on screen love  Kate Ramsay.

Mark Brennan and Kate Ramsay are certainly one of the great love stories to emerge in recent years on Neighbours, and while they will reconnect in some form, it is never that predictable,” said , Neighbours Executive Producer Richard Jasek. “There will be a twist that no one will see coming.”. Scott has just returned to filming and will be seen on screen from February.



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  1. Gillian

    What makes you think Ashleigh will leave? Ashleigh’s 4th year contract ends in February. So she will be on screen past her 4th year contract. Scott is back for 9 months and may extend his contract.

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