Final set of grand finalists announced for Australia’s Got Talent

Last night the final grand finalists for Australia’s Got Talent.

They were OSCAR and JOSHUA, 10 & 12, Sydney

Oscar and Joshua are child musical prodigies, and as Kyle discovers in his pre-performance chat with them, the boys are also super intelligent. They both play numerous musical instruments but for this performance Oscar is on the piano and Joshua with the violin. They are quite serious young boys but come alive with passion and excitement when they are playing their classical piece. The judges are enthralled.


A Sydney 3 piece band with unquestionable talent. Uncle Jed consists of lead singer Laura and her two cousins Danny and Shannon. The group is named after Laura’s dad, for which he is very honoured. They started collaborating musically on family holidays and really got serious about their music together when the boys moved to Sydney from Coffs Harbour.

Australia’s Got Talent Grand Final, Sunday November 3, 6.30pm on Nine

Australia’s Got Talent: The Winner Announced, Sunday November 10, 6.30pm on Nine

source 9