Sarah Harris Joins Studio 10

Sarah Harris Joins Studio 10

Channel Nine presenter Sarah Harris has beem named as the third host for Studio 10.

She joins previously announced hosts  Ita Buttrose and Joe Hildebrand on the panel for the upcoming panel show.

Studio 10 Executive Producer Rob McKnight said: “Sarah was always my first choice for the important role of ‘bus driver’. “She will steer the conversation and set up the topics. She’s warm, smart and very funny. Joe won’t know what’s hit him.

“Some very talented people across all networks are making their way to Ten to be part of this great adventure and I’m absolutely thrilled Sarah has joined the team,” Rob said.

“We haven’t rushed into signing up the panel. We’re making sure we’ve got the absolute best people on this show and the simple fact is, Sarah is one of the best.”Sarah said: “Ita is an industry icon and Joe’s a media maverick. Together they are televisiondynamite. And as a journo, I jumped – actually make that pole-vaulted – at the chance to work with them.

“I’ve covered my fair share of earthquakes, cyclones and floods over the years, so wrangling Joe everyday will be a breeze.

“Rob McKnight is, and he won’t mind me saying this, a total TV nerd: he eats, sleeps and breathes it. Combine that with the genius of Adam Boland and Studio 10 promises to be something really special,” she said.

Studio 10 will debut later this year and a fourth host will be announced soon.



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