60 Minutes August 11

60 Minutes August 11

60 Minutes has an exclusive with Pink but then so does Sunday Night. Talk about confusing. 

Australia is tickled Pink! Once again the enigmatic singer has taken up residence and during this current national tour she’ll perform to more than half a million Aussies. It’s hard to imagine her trumping her 2009 tour, when she hung from ropes and performed death defying stunts – but that’s exactly what she’s done. Australia was the first country to embrace P!NK and it’s not surprising that an Aussie has been instrumental in guiding her career — from the earliest days. 60 Minutes has been given exclusive access to P!NK’s rehearsals, backstage as she prepares with the band, inside her spectacular arena shows and on tour with husband Carey, and daughter Willow.
Reporter: Peter Overton
Producer: Steven Burling

Fighting Back
The ad in the newspaper promised so much — the chance to work as a nanny aboard a luxury yacht. And many young women, in their late teens and early twenties, took the bait. The ads were actually a brazen trap by Australia’s worst serial rapist. 12 women have come forward after being raped by John Collins – Police believe there could be many more. Over decades, this monster used his wealth and power to lure victims onto his yacht – and then intimidation and fear, to silence them. But the survivors of John Collins’ depravity wouldn’t stay quiet forever — and on 60 Minutes this Sunday, they’re speaking out. These women are brave, courageous and empowering.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Steven Burling

It’s an extraordinary career path — one day a dashing pop star, the next day a particle physicist. 20 years ago, Brian Cox gave up a chance to tour Australia with his pop band D:Ream, so he could study science. Now, Professor Brian Cox has finally arrived down under and he’s much bigger than any pop star. In Britain, he’s become hot by making science cool. A new generation of geeks is buying microscopes and telescopes like there’s no tomorrow. It’s all due to the Cox effect. And he’s bringing his message to Australia, convincing a whole new generation that it’s hip to be square.
Reporter: Ray Martin
Producer: Stephen Taylor

8pm, Sunday August 11 on Nine.

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