Sam, Blake and Camille Steal The Show in The Traitors Finale

Sam, Blake and Camille Steal The Show in The Traitors Finale

After all, they’ve been through, was there still honour amongst thieves? The answer is no. History was made tonight when, in a world first, the final three players standing at the End Game were all Traitors, Here’s how the epic finale of The Traitors went down….

Confidence ran high among Traitors Blake, Sam and Camille, as they outnumbered the Faithful three to two. The failure of the Faithful to banish the Traitors left the Traitors convinced victory was within their reach.

However, Liam had finally put the pieces of the puzzle together to discover that Sam was a Traitor. Fuelled by revenge, Liam planned to dethrone Sam in the next Banishment. He was confident Sarah would vote with him and plotted to find another vote between Camille and Blake to finally get rid of Sam.

Entering their final day, the final five set out to complete one last mission to add $50,000 to their prize pool. 

Upon returning to the hotel, it was a scramble to secure votes. The Traitors all claimed they were sticking together but Sam was worried that Blake would try to get him out once more. He used his signature charm to plead to Sarah and Liam in an impossible attempt to turn the two loyal Faithfuls against one another. 

In a last-minute discussion, Sam and Blake cleared the air and attempted to pave a path for both of them to get to the end. In this moment, Blake realised Sam didn’t trust him and revealed he had every right to be suspicious. Blake had been concocting a secret plan to get rid of Sam.

In the Banishment Ceremony, it was a tennis match between Liam and Sam, as Liam came out firing while Sam tried to put the target back on Liam. Blake watched as Sarah revealed her suspicions still resided with Liam which resulted in his banishment.

With the final four left, one Faithful and three Traitors, the Traitors looked forward to an all Traitors end game, banishing the only Faithful left, Sarah.

For the first time in the history of the game worldwide, three Traitors were left standing at the very end. They would need to choose to share or steal the $200,000 of silver. Speaking Traitor to Traitor before the vote, Sam, Blake and Camille all swore to share, but when it came time to reveal, they all chose to steal, meaning they all walked away with nothing. Ouch. 


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