Living and Dining Room Reveal

Eliza and Liberty are in a world of pain as they try and complete their living and dining spaces, which are much bigger compared to the other contestants.

Eliza barely gets any sleep as she slept in the shower. Her and Liberty also struggle with spray painting and are ghost white, with paint all over them.

Foreman Dan creates a character, Danielo, who is a chauffeur and he drives Liberty around to do her shopping as she has had little sleep. This really irks Kristy and she unloads. She believes Eliza and Liberty are getting special treatment and floats the conspiracy – are they a Channel 9 plant?  She tells her ally Leah about her concerns and the gossiping continues.

Kyle and Leslie somehow manage to fit their Christian Cole table into their living space, but are slowly realizing they have made a major planning error. They should have a full open living space and one wall needs to come down.

Somehow, after a huge week, our contestants manage to finish and there are some spectacular results.

Neale Whitaker is back on the judging panel, much to the delight of our contestants as Marty Fox is off for the week.

House No.1 Kyle and Leslie spent $31,560

The big problem with the room with our judges is it is far too tight. They have major planning issues and the main wall in the living room needs to go to open the room up.  Neale calls the room a “beautifully styled disaster.”  There were some positives, with Darren loving the curves.

Score 20/30

House No.2 Leah and Ash spent $38,209

Darren laughed out loud, in a good way. Phenomenal comments from the judges commending Leah and Ash for their bold and unique style.  It will be polarizing, but they believe their is a market for Leah’s colourful and risk taking style. Almost the perfect room. Some concern about the size of the couch and the table.

Score 29/30

House No.3 Kristy and Brett spent $23,325

The judges loved the Stoke fireplace in the living room that Kristy and Brett delivered. Very functional, a nice floor plan and a good size. They loved the plaster feature wall.

Score 25.5/30

House No.4 Steph and Gian spent $31,739

The judges reserved their judgment about the layout changes Steph and Gian made. They will wait until they see the kitchen if it all works out. Neale loved the feeling in both rooms, but like Shaynna and Darren, he thought Steph over-styled. No need for the dead bamboo and countless pots and sculptures.

Score 25.5/30

House No.5 Eliza and Liberty spent $37,706

All three judges were really impressed with the layout and what Eliza and Liberty managed to pull off. So much space.  This will be an advantage for Eliza and Liberty when it comes to auction day.  Neale did notice, no lamp though.

Score 27/30

After a big week Leah and Ash take out the win, a huge week for them on The Block. Eliza and Liberty surprise themselves and come second.


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