Sally Behind The Smile to Air on GO tomorrow

Sally Behind The Smile to Air on GO tomorrow

GO will air a documentary movie Sally: Behind the Smile which chronicles Australian surfer , Sally Fitzgibbons, during her most challenging, yet rewarding, season in 2013.

The Red Bull Media House production takes a fly-on-the-wall look at Fitzgibbons’ journey from humble beginnings in Gerroa, on the NSW south coast, to surfing star and internationally recognised role model. She rides some of the most gnarly waves around the world and does it all with that famous smile firmly in place.
In her relentless quest for success Fitzgibbons has spent – and continues to spend – nearly every waking hour working towards her goal of becoming world champion.

From the searing desert sands of Abu Dhabi to the mountainous terrain of Tasmania and the freezing waters of Nova Scotia, she leaves no stone unturned in her ambition to have surfing’s highest honour bestowed upon her.
Attesting to her incredible determination and drive in this documentary are many celebrated athletes, including Mark Webber, players from the St George-Illawarra Dragons NRL team, and two of Australia’s all-time female surfing greats, Layne Beachley and Stephanie Gilmore.

Behind the Smile is a no-holds-barred look into her day-to-day triumphs and setbacks as she works tirelessly at shaking the bridesmaid tag that has plagued the two-time junior world champion since 2009.

The movie, narrated by Sophie Lowe, one of Australia’s rising acting talents, travels with Fitzgibbons across the globe, both in and out of competition, in search of surfing perfection: going where few female surfers have ever gone; pushing through pain and tears to pull off her first aerial manoeuvre in the Middle East; battling hypothermic conditions in Canadian waters; and winning her breakthrough 2013 event, Roxy Pro in France, in a crushing swell

Sally Behind the Smile Airs 5:30 PM Sunday March 2 on GO


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    any opportunity to see this again for viewers outside Oz?

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