Ryno’s TV Top 5 New Shows of 2022

<strong>Ryno’s TV Top 5 New Shows of 2022</strong>

It’s been another big year of television and streaming, so with the year coming to an end, it’s time to share my top 5s.

Top 5 Free-To-Air or Foxtel:

As per previous years, to make things super easy, to earn a spot of the list the first episode must have aired on FTA or Foxtel in 2022.

  1. Hunted (10)
  2. The Twelve (Foxtel)
  3. The Traitors (10)
  4. House Of The Dragon (Foxtel)
  5. After The Verdict (Nine)

Top 5 Streaming

  1. Heartstopper (Netflix)
  2. The Bridge Australia (Paramount+)
  3. Heartbreak High (Netflix)
  4. Colin From Accounts (Binge)  
  5. Reacher (Prime Video)

Honourable mentions must also go to: The Bear (Disney+), 6 Festivals (Paramount+), The Patient (Disney+), WoldfLike Me (Stan), The Offer (Paramount+), Minx (Stan), Moon Knight (Disney+), This Is Going To Hurt (Binge),


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