Bump Season 3 Review

Bump Season 3 Review

This holiday season, Stan releases the highly-anticipated third season of Bump.

When we left at the end of season 2, Oly (Natalie Morris) and Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr) had just decided to move into their first house today with baby Jacinda.

Now in season 3, we jump forward to Jacinda’s first day of kindergarten, and it’s clear that everything isn’t as rosy as we last saw. Oly and Santi have broken up, and Santi has a new girlfriend in KeekS (Ana Ika), who is supportive, thoughtful and funny, and things seem to be going well for the couple. But Santi is struggling to take the next step of introducing her to Jacinda.

Meanwhile, Oly is also struggling, being rather unfulfilled and running off the rails in the company of school mum friend Madison (Sarah Meacham). She’s also finding uni a struggle thanks to lecturer Michael (Harry Greenwood).

And Angie (Claudia Karven) has a new attitude after a cancer diagnosis and her complex relationship with Dom(Angus Sampson).

It’s clear that so much can change in just a couple of years, so how will our favourite characters navigate this next stage in their lives?

Creator Kelsey Munro has used the time jump to her advantage here as Oly and Santi have changed, but it’s still a joy to see them and this whole bunch of characters we love.

The cast is once again exceptional with the rich material given here.

Life can be bumpy, but it’s full of heart and humour.

5 Stars

Bump premieres Boxing Day on Stan.


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