Ryno’s TV 2nd Birthday

Ryno’s TV 2nd Birthday

Today a milestone is reached it’s Ryno’s Tv 2nd birthday. It has been a year full of surprises and a few shocking twists, so let’s review and take stock of what’s happened and what’s ahead.

2014 was a big year for the site. Not only did it turn into a one person writing machine, after the recaps were dropped in late 2013, but it also covered what looks to be the final season of Offspring – still one of this site’s most clicked on stories. Among that most clicked on list includes the much loved but often neglected Neighbours – expect a lot of posts on the show as it hits its 30th anniversary  this year  and the big Downton Abbey shocker that divided the country.

Regular readers will also notice that the reviews were stepped up this year and that will continue as networks release their upcoming shows over the next few weeks.

While the site is a true labour of love it would be nothing without you the readers so thanks for reading and commenting – it is truly appreciated. Thanks must go to Bianca, Andrew and Chris for helping to get the Twitter sphere talking.

On the Twitter front, thanks must go to Johanna Griggs, Olympia Valance and the awesome Winners and Losers team, mainly Dan Barrett, Virginia Gay and Emma Gordon, and the network publicity teams  for conversing with me, as we work together to get your shows some extra promotion.

A huge thanks must also go out to Steve Molk at Molk’s TV Talk , Nadine at Gossip Communications ,  Anthony Farrell at TV Now,  Kevin Perry at Nelbie  and Victoria at 30 Years of Neighbours  for their continued support and  for answering questions even though they are in fact running their own sites, which are linked above.

Now regular readers might have noticed that Courtney hasn’t made much of an appearance this year but, rest assured, she’s still around and deserves a huge thanks for being my left-handed wing woman behind the scenes i can’t thank her  enough , Between the late night chats, constant ideas being thrown around, as well as providing much needed reassurance to trust  my gut when self-doubt hits, she is  truly one in a million and a very dear friend and I am so glad to have her apart of the journey both personally and professionally.

So as the turbulent twos come to a close, here’s to a triumphant trifecta and once again thanks for all the support it means a lot.