Rush heads to Kenya

In the heart of east Africa lies Kenya, a land of unparalleled beauty with its sweeping savannahs and majestic wildlife; it is a wilderness paradise. Kenya, referred to by locals as the jewel of Africa is home to 50 National Parks and the world’s leading safari destination.

As Team Navy, Team Gold and Team Scarlet are dropped near the outskirts of the town of Kimana, they find themselves in the midst of a mesmerizing Maasai ceremony, where the Maasai tribe welcomes them with their awe-inspiring warrior traditions, a dance known as the adumu – which celebrates the transition of a junior warrior to a senior and is also the starting point of the Kenyan leg of the rush adventure.

Once all three teams receive the cryptic clue to find DG in his secret location, it is Team Scarlet that exit the ceremony first as they head to the cars that they themselves must drive to meet DG and collect their dossiers. Second to leave the ceremony is Team Gold (CK), and last is Team Navy (Sofia) who is travelling solo for the first time this competition.

Today, teams will travel to the world-famous Kimana Sanctuary where DG will be waiting under the country’s most famous and oldest Acacia tree. This is where they’ll collect their dossiers. For the Kenyan leg of the adventure, teams must successfully complete two cultural missions. First, they must procure a goat and gift it to the local Maasai village and then for the second mission, teams must construct a traditional mud hut made from cow dung, ash and sand. Once they have completed both these missions, they must then race to the Escape Zone on an airstrip inside the Amboseli National Park. All teams will have 14,000 Kenyan shillings to help them with their adventure and the last team to arrive will face elimination.

Despite being the first team to have left the Maasai village where the drop happened, Team Scarlet have brazenly chosen not to follow their map, and instead have taken what they consider to be a shortcut but are now heading in the opposite direction. Leaving nothing to chance Sofia picks up a local named Jonathan to help her instead, while CK is also heading in the right direction a mere fifteen minutes behind Sofia.

In first place, and thanks to her new friend Jonathan, Sofia has successfully arrived at the Kimana Sanctuary Acacia tree and meets DG. Meanwhile, as Team Scarlet relied on their shortcut they end up at the wrong park and now must go back wasting valuable time. For CK, thanks to Team Scarlet’s critical error, has actually seen him arrive in second place to meet DG. Team Scarlet later arrives in third.

Back in the village, CK buys a goat for 10,000 Kenyan shillings and Sofia’s friend Jonathan negotiated one for her for 8,000. CK is then first to transport his goat to the village where he participates in the Maasai custom of drinking goat blood and checks in first. Sofia is second to gift her goat and check in and Team Scarlet after already being delayed are third to drink goat blood and check in.

Being the first to present a goat and drink raw goats’ blood, CK is the first to begin the second mission to help the local villages build a mud house. Twenty minutes behind CK is Sofia and then starting twenty minutes behind her, is Team Scarlet. To keep things fair, because they’ve got two members in their team, Team Scarlet will render two walls with mud as opposed to CK and Sofia who’ve only got the one wall to complete.

Sofia struggles at the start but refusing to let her give up, the Maasai women of the village engage in an ancient congratulatory chant to bring out Sofia’s inner warrior and encourage her to finish the hut. Sofia then makes her way to the Escape Zone on foot via a shortcut with help from the locals. CK not far behind has just finished his hut and is also on his way to the Escape Zone via the road, he will have to run all the way as he has limited money left. Last to finish the hut is Team Scarlet but as they persuaded locals for a lift they leap-frog to first place and make the gates to Amboseli National Park first but are yet to figure out the clue.

Thanks to a guided shortcut from the locals, Sofia is second to arrive at the front gate of the National Park, while CK has only just arrived at the parks’ entrance and finds out he needs a vehicle to get in. CK spots Sofia at the gates negotiating with friendly tourists (that she found after being guided to the gate by the locals) and decides to ask her for a lift. Putting heart over her head, Sofia decides to let CK in her car. They both head to the airstrip.

Meanwhile, Team Scarlet are still in the park and have finally worked out the clue and are also on the way to the airstrip. Sofia is now second guessing her decision of letting CK into her car as she doesn’t know if they are first and second and CK could bail on her if they are not.

The race intensifies but it is Sofia and CK that make it to DG first and leave in their escape vehicle – a small plane. Team Scarlet arrive last, which means it comes down to a game of Rush Roulette and the boys must pick a flare, it Adam’s flare that is red, and he will be going home. An emotional Adam says goodbye to his team member, Hamish. Hamish, Sofia and CK are in the top three and will go to the last leg of the rush adventure


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