It’s Game Over For Ben And Callum

It’s Game Over For Ben And Callum

Tonight on Hunted, a risky social media taunt had the Hunters hot on the trail of besties Sonja and Elerrina, and when brother sister duo Byron and Tanase finally used their burner phone, the Hunters turned up the pressure as they closed in.

In a surprising and unbelievable twist, the Hunters struck gold when Ground Hunter Kellie’s brother called to inform her that he had picked up gamer Fugitives Ben and Callum. Ground Hunters Kellie and Michelle quickly planned an ambush, and after a dramatic foot and car chase, Ben was first to be captured, quickly followed by Callum, making Ben and Callum the fourth team to be captured. To hear about Ben and Callum’s time on the run, check out their interview on 10 Play HERE.

With two less Fugitives on the run, the Hunters turned their attention to best friends Sonja and Elerrina, who had used a social media taunt as a cover while moving east in Gippsland. As the Hunters investigated Elerrina’s networks, the besties were thoroughly spooked when the Hunters paid a visit to their next contact, Jess, prompting them to change their plans entirely and leave the Gippsland area.

Brother and sister duo, Byron and Tanase, used their burner phone to arrange transport to a family friend’s Alpaca Farm, unknowingly alerting the Hunters to their contact, Ryan. It didn’t take long for the Hunters to track Ryan’s car, and Hunted Team Delta immediately raced to the area. Knowing the fugitives were close, the Hunters launched a Wanted poster campaign and questioned locals. But it was an alarming phone call alerting the Fugitives to Hunters in the area, that left them on edge, not knowing where to turn next.  

Meanwhile, Fugitives Holly and Josh continued to rely on Josh’s paramedic network to move across regional Victoria. However, as the Hunters uncovered messages between Josh and Joel, they dispatched Hunted Team Bravo to Joel’s home suspecting he was housing the Fugitives. What the Hunted team didn’t know, was that Holly and Josh had fled to a nearby campsite as they anxiously awaited their next paramedic contact, Austin. With Team Bravo and Team Echo sweeping the area, the Fugitives narrowly escaped just as a drone closed in on their hiding spot.

With 13 days left, 12 fugitives remain on the run.


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