Rose and Rob spoil Twins trifecta

Rose and Rob spoil Twins trifecta

Rose and Rob end the twins’ winning streak and earn themselves a restful night’s sleep in the process.

Nancy and Daniel opened the door to a new future last night on House Rules, when they were presented with a house they will be proud to invite friends over to.

Once too embarrassed to invite friends over to his rundown 1960s home in Sydney’s South, Daniel was gobsmacked by the changes to his family home.

“I never thought it would look like this; this is ridiculous. The house was really narrow and poky before, but it actually feels really big now,” he said. “It has definitely exceeded our expectations and we’re really grateful and appreciative of all the work everyone put into our house.”

The gleaming white kitchen complete with well-placed windows for a view of the kids playing in the back garden, was a highlight. It earned tent dwellers Rose and Rob a nine from the homeowners, and a seven from each of the judges, Joe Snell and Wendy Moore. It was a relief for the West Australian parents who endured a rough week of renos with Rose collapsing on site due to stress and fatigue.

“Your kitchen was really, really white, a big risk. Well, I loved it. The subway tiles were a really lovely soft touch, particularly with the blue stripe, and I loved your big white pendants with the rope,” said Joe.

Rose and Rob continued their good work in Sophia’s bedroom, creating a soft pink haven for their young daughter, and an impressive walk-in linen closet, to top the leaderboard with 23/30 and put an end to Luke and Cody’s run at a trifecta.

Instead, the previously hot Queensland twins were saved by just one point from landing at the bottom of the leaderboard with their confused dining room leaning more towards country than the house rule of coastal chic. Wendy scored them a six for their zone, which included the ensuite, dining room and study, while Joe gave them a five and the homeowners a six.

Wendy explained: “Your table was a really good size, although it did feel a little more country than coastal but that is something that could’ve been solved with some good styling. Instead, the table was completely bare, there was no warmth in this room which is essential for an entertainer’s home.”

Fil and Joe gained the highest score from the judges with a score of 15/20 for their living room, entry and walk-in-robe. Joe Snell highlighted Fil’s “cushion talent”, saying: “Your cushion selection was really well done. They really made this home feel homely.”

And it was echoed by Nancy. “We are gobsmacked by how much space was provided in the living room – we didn’t think our little house could have that much space. And I was in love with the colours that were provided in that room and the cushions.”

Hagan’s handmade privacy screens on the back deck were the biggest hit in their zone. Wendy said: “Those privacy screens were beautifully made and I’m really glad you stuck with the raw timber because it added warmth and texture.”

While Nancy and Wendy couldn’t fault the laundry, Joe had issues with the wallpaper in the master bedroom. “The palm tree wallpaper was a bold decision, but it didn’t work. It tended to blend with the carpet and it certainly didn’t have the pizazz the house rules were looking for.” The judges both scored them a six, while the homeowners gave them an eight.

South Australian parents Brooke and Michelle languished at the bottom of the scoreboard after they were criticised yet again for poor planning and not fighting for space when they delivered a tiny bedroom for young Jonathan.

“A boy needs a room he can grow into, not out of,” said Wendy. But she did love the styling, in particular the fantastic car track painted on the walls which Jonathan immediately put to good use. “It was a triumph of fun and fantasy. What a fab theme and good on you for doing it so cleverly.”

But it was the neglected side deck that was the nail in their coffin. “Unfortunately your side deck was a completely forgotten zone. It was so unfinished you could never hope to earn any points out there,” added Wendy.

NSW homeowners Nancy and Daniel scored the teams out of 10:

WA Rose & Rob (Kitchen, Sophia’s bedroom, linen closet) – 9

VIC Claire & Hagan (Back deck, laundry, master bedroom) – 8

VIC Fil & Joe (Entry, living room, WIR) – 7

QLD Luke & Cody (Ensuite, hall, dining room, study) – 6

SA Brooke & Michelle (Jonathan’s bedroom, bathroom, side deck) – 5

When combined with the judges’ scores, the leaderboard stands as:

NSW Reveal

With the third renovation completed, the teams will now head to Queensland to transform Luke and Cody’s country cottage into a gentleman’s entertainer. Who will win the ultimate prize – their mortgage paid off in full?