Romy Ruffles Feathers In The Bush as The Bachelor heats up

Romy Ruffles Feathers In The Bush as The Bachelor heats up

Nick Cummins sent the Bachelorettes hearts fluttering on a camping group date last night

Nick invited Rhiannon on a sky-scraping single date. Rhiannon arrived at the location to find Nick and a giant, red, love-heart shaped hot air balloon waiting for her. The excited couple took off into the sky, hoping their relationship would reach new heights too.

After the hot air balloon ride, the pair sat down for a barnyard picnic. As Nick had not spent a lot of time with Rhiannon, he created a game to help spark conversation and find out more about her.

Rhiannon stumbled over the first question, admitting she feels nervous when he looks at her. After the game, Nick presented Rhiannon with a rose and she gladly accepted. Nick pulled her in for a hug, but Rhiannon had other ideas and asked if she can give him a kiss.

Much to Rhiannon’s embarrassment, Nick was hesitant and did not want to rush into a kiss, so opted for another hug instead.

Feeling a bit rattled, Rhiannon was ready to wrap up the date after their awkward exchange, but Nick wanted to stay and chat for a little while longer.

In the end, Rhiannon felt overwhelmed with emotions and broke down in tears while speaking to a producer about the date. She wanted reassurance that initiating a kiss is always awkward, so asking beforehand was the best way to go about it.

Back at the mansion, Emily found a group date card, which revealed that Brittany, Shannon, Cass, Alisha, Romy and Vanessa Sunshine would be leaving the mansion for a holiday in paradise.


The Bachelorettes arrived at the group date and were greeted by Nick, Osher and a bunch of swags. Nick revealed they would be spending the night camping in the bush together, so he can show them his love for the outdoors.

Everyone was excited about the adventure, until Osher broke the news that one Bachelorette would not return to the mansion after this group date, as there will be a rose ceremony tomorrow evening.

To get into the camping spirit, Nick took Romy, Alisha and Vanessa Sunshine out for some quad biking through the bush. After the adrenalin rush, Romy decided to tell Nick that she questions Vanessa Sunshine’s intentions and feelings towards him.

To get both sides of the story, Nick sat down with Vanessa Sunshine for a chat. She told Nick about the grief between Romy and herself, and admitted she was unsure what to think when she saw his curly mullet and moustache on the first night.

After hearing these revelations, Nick left the conversation feeling a bit unsure about his feelings towards Vanessa Sunshine and whether they have a future together.

Once everyone went to bed, a very confident Romy decided to creep into Nick’s swag to spend more time with him. Not afraid to ruffle feathers, Romy was not quiet about it either, making it known to the others what she was doing.

The next morning, Nick and Cass left the camp for some one on one time. Wanting to clear the air, Cass told Nick she woke up to hear Romy in his tent last night. He reassured her that nothing happened with Romy, aside from talking and looking at the stars.

Excited to be spending time together, Nick built a swing for Cass and she opened up about how she feels towards him.

At the end of the day, Osher arrived at the camp site and announced the start of the rose ceremony. With six Bachelorettes and only five roses, Nick sent Vanessa Sunshine home.



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