Bachelor Family Visit leads to drama

Bachelor Family Visit leads to drama

Tension between the girls hit fever pitch as they battled against each other for more time with Nick and his family.

Following Nick and Sophie’s photo shoot date that left them both confused about their feelings, Sophie received a second chance to impress when Nick chose her for a one-on-one date.

Nick and Sophie share a passion for the water, so they hit the high seas and tried their hand commanding a sail-racer. In a dizzying whirl around Sydney harbour, Sophie released her inner adrenaline junkie and impressed Nick with her fun and free spirit.

Back on dry land, the pair cosied up for a drink where Sophie explained why she found it difficult to open up to Nick on their group date. They spoke about what they have learned from past relationships and what they are looking for in a partner. As the evening came to an end, Nick presented Sophie with a rose and sealed their date with a kiss.

Back at the mansion, the bachelorettes were stunned to learn they would be spending their group date with Nick’s father Mark, sister Bernadette and brother Jacob. Cass was quick to point out that she had met Nick’s brother Jacob before, with Jacob revealing he had spent time with Cass and Nick surfing last summer.

Knowing Nick has strong family values, each bachelorette was vying for the Cummins family tick of approval. Nick’s sister Bernadette was conscious her brother’s profile could attract people for the wrong reasons and was interested to see who was genuinely looking for love.

Brooke and Brittney made a dazzling first impression, yet Cat found her time with Bernadette more challenging and was forced to defend her intentions.

Romy and Bernadette had a very frank conversation about Cass, all within earshot of Blair listening close by. Romy opened up to Bernadette, telling her Cass is emotionally immature and that Cass and Nick were not right for each other.

In the end, it was Brooke’s maturity, kind heart and strong family values that saw her win Nick’s family’s approval and score herself an invitation to dinner.

Later, Blair expressed her disbelief that Romy had thrown Cass under the bus, and believed Cass had a right to know what was said about her.

Furious that Blair had eavesdropped on her private conversation, an irate Romy confronted Blair for the invasion of privacy and defended her conversation with Bernadette.

At the cocktail party, Cass was determined to find out if Nick had feelings for her but was downcast by Nick’s revelation that he could not match her level of emotion, especially when there were other women in the house he still did not know well.

Cat was left seething when Nick confronted her about rumours she was in the mansion for reasons other than finding love.


In a nail-biting rose ceremony, Nick presented Cass with the final rose of the evening, sending Blair home.


On her departure, Blair said: “It’s a little bit frustrating that there are certain people in the house, like Romy, that haven’t been completely kind to everybody, but I’m sure Nick will find these things out in due time”.



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