Romantic dates and tough decisions 

Tonight on Farmer Wants A Wife, the farmers and their chosen ladies explored deeper connections over romantic solo dates on.

In the Snowy Mountains, Farmer Joe hoped to break down Sarah’s walls a little bit: “I feel like Sarah has definitely held back a bit. I don’t know if she is into me: if she really likes me or not.”

While Farmer Bert planned a surprise date for Caitlin in her hometown of Queensland’s Bribie Island, including a meet-up with Caitlin’s mum at her bait and tackle shop; Farmer Tom introduced Sarah C to his world by exploring the places in his backyard that are close to his heart.  

For his date with Chloe, Farmer Dustin planned a traditional romantic gesture with a uniquely Australian twist: “It’s not Paris, but you know how in Paris they, like, do the lock thing? Yeah, well, this is the Condo version.”

The anonymous message Farmer Dean received at the country show regarding Teegan’s alleged boyfriend weighed on his mind during their date. But all seemed well after he cleared the air with Teegan at an opportune moment.

After a day of spectacular dates, the farmers grappled with heart-wrenching decisions during farm farewell. Feeling the pressure, Farmer Joe said: “I’m definitely taking these farewells a lot harder than I anticipated.”

With three amazing ladies in waiting, Farmer Dean was unable to make the decision, choosing to take a night away from the farm: “The best choice for me was just to get away from the farm for the night and just think on my own and just try and get my head on the right track again.”

Ladies farewelled tonight:

Bert’s farm: Caity

Tom’s farm: Taylah 


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