Lego Masters Brick Bots

Lego Masters Brick Bots

Teams enter the LEGO® Masters studio to see Hamish and Brickman battling against one another with a pair of “brickbot” robots.  The six teams are then tasked with building a brickbat which will battle each other in the Brickbot Arena. Hamish explains the ways which teams can achieve victory, including pushing an opponent out of the arena, popping the balloon attached to an opponent’s brickbot using a supplied drawing pin or by luring an opponent onto a central trapdoor to send them to their death! To take home the Big Brick, teams must triumph in both a preliminary one-on-one battle, as well as a three-bot grand final. Brickman highlights the technical aspect of the challenge, with teams required to operate a mechanism as part of their build.

The German team has the advantage from their previous episode win but, in a twist, will learn their advantage not at the beginning but at the end of the challenge.

After being assigned a mini fig to dictate the theme of their brickbot;

Peter & Ida – Shark Guy

Krystle & Michelle – The Minotaur

Felix & Annalena – The Boxer

Ben & Eric – Alien Warrior

Shane & Dianne – Caveman

Charlie & Haley – The Fly

With six hours to complete the task, they will be supplied with a pre-made chassis, the teams race to commence the challenge.

Danish team, Peter and Ida choose to create a wide, low-profile Stingray brickbot, as the best friend of their minifig SharkGuy. After pivoting from their original, unsuccessful shovel mechanism, they create a pair of mechanised forks within their front ramp, to catch their opponents and carry them out of the arena. From here their build goes from strength to strength with The Danes eventually producing an ingenious robot that fuses character with fighting ability.

As they lament their ugly Flyman mini fig, Hamish visits Aussie pairing Haley and Charlie, giving Haley a pair of earplugs to help with her balloon phobia. The girls launch into their design, a giant fly head controlled from within by the villainous flyman. Despite their inexperience with technic, the girls create a lethal motorised, crab arm/claw with a pin, to attack their opponents.  Describing their build as ‘lethal’, the girls crack on with it, making their build as ugly as possible.

Mother and son team, Shane and Dianne are confident they will win today’s challenge, as unlike the other teams, they are experienced technic builders. They are the only team to redesign the pre-made chassis for their Caveman themed brickbot, giving themselves greater manoeuvrability with steering. As a weapon, they have a powerful mechanised club, whose pin will hopefully pop some balloons. They make sure to build out the front of their brickbot, to absorb the shock of the club’s extreme power!

In contrast, cracks are showing in the dominant German team, whose confidence levels with technic builds are low, rating themselves 23/100 in their confidence levels.  They decide to rely on brute force, to shove their opponents from the arena, rather than a clever mechanism and begin building a heavy bot with a static boxing glove. Despite their slow start however, Annalena manages to motorise the boxing glove so that it swings with a hidden pin, creating an intimidating punch. Riding high on this success, their normal passion returns and they eventually produce a brickbot which they are confident will secure them their fifth consecutive win.

Texan-born USA team Krystle and Michelle think their minotaur mini fig perfectly represents their home state, so decide to build a super scary Texan Minotaur – an oversized truck, complete with spinning horns, a mean grill and glowing red eyes, to intimidate their opponents. They hope to rely on the pure weight and strength of their build to ram the others out of the arena! 

Aussie mates, Ben and Eric are pumped with their alien warrior mini fig, as it gives them lots of aesthetic creativity. They decide to build a tentacle-covered alien face that has one swinging tentacle with a pin, as a weapon. Midway through the build however, they are forced to rethink their mechanism after Brickman points out that the tentacle is too short. They eventually build a static front tentacle with attached pin as an attack ability and a rotating top tentacle as a defence mechanism.

After a frantic six hours, time is up! Brickman is especially impressed by the technical skills of Shane and Dianne, the innovative design of the Danes’ character-led bot and the Germans’ punching mechanism.

Before the battle commences, Hamish reveals two important details to this contest – firstly, this is not an elimination round and secondly, the current Big Brick holders, Felix & Annalena have the advantage of choosing not only their own opponent, but also those of the other teams.

First Round Battle Teams:

  1. Charlie & Haley “The Fly” VS Felix & Annalena “The Boxer”
  2. Ben & Eric “The Alien Warrior” VS Krystle & Michelle “The Texas Minotaur”
  3. Dianne & Shane “The Caveman” VS Peter & Ida “Stingray”

After an exhilarating first round, Felix & Annalena knock out Charlie and Haley’s “Fly”, Ben and Eric beat American’s “Texan Minotaur” and the Danes triumph over Shane and Dianne’s “Caveman”.

In the three-bot Grand Final round we see Ben & Eric VS Dianne & Shane VS Felix & Annalena – it’s the Germans who look set to win yet again after swiftly popping Ben and Eric’s balloon, but it is the Danes’ Stingray that emerges victorious, winning Peter and Ida the Big Brick and finally ending the Germans’ winning streak!


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