Rodger Corser to Host The Traitors

Rodger Corser to Host The Traitors

One of Australia’s most popular television personalities, Rodger Corser, comes home to 10 as host of the brand new heart-pounding psychological adventure series, The Traitors.

The enthralling and nail-biting series will see some of Australia’s most cunning contestants move into a grand heritage hotel set amongst a majestic garden estate and work as a team to complete dramatic and challenging missions that will win silver for their prize pot.

But not all is as it seems. Some of the contestants are secretly Traitors and these Traitors will attempt to lie, deceive, and manipulate their way to the prize by eradicating ‘loyal’ contestants. 

Excited to be hosting 10’s new social deduction game, Rodger said: “Who doesn’t love a great murder mystery and this one has all the intrigue and glamour of your favourite whodunnit.”

“I can’t wait to see how our eclectic bunch of contestants compete with each other while navigating trust, betrayal and murder. I’m especially looking forward to watching our players pick each other off, one by one in the ultimate game of deception… and just like them, you’ll be dying to see how it ends”. 

The Traitors is expected later this year on 10


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