Redemption Review

Redemption Review

Tomorrow, BritBox releases your next crime thriller with Redemption.

Redemption tells the story of Liverpool-based Detective Colette Cunningham (Paula Malcomson), who returns to Dublin to uncover the truth when she learns of the death of her estranged daughter Stacey.

After receiving an unexpected call that she is listed as next of kin for a body that has been found, Colette soon learns that her daughter Kate, who went by Stacey, is the mother of two children Cora (Abbey Fitz) and Liam (Evan O’Connor).

When she arrives in Dublin, she begins working under Jane Connolly (Siobhán McSweeny) and partnered with Siobhán Wilson (Thaddea Graham). Despite being estranged from her daughter, she is determined to find the answers in her case.

Written by Sean Cook, Redemption has quite a good premise that, throughout the pilot, slowly unravels and you will find yourself hooked by the episode’s end.

Paula Malcomson shines in the lead, but all-round there isn’t really a bad performance in sight.

Redemption is a compelling thriller that should be on your watchlist.

4 Stars

Redemption premieres Tomorrow on Britbox.


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