Risks Taken And Hearts Broken

Risks Taken And Hearts Broken

After a season of ups and downs and internal turmoil, tough decisions were finally made on tonight’s finale episode of The Bachelors Australia.

Thomas was a man with a ring and he was definitely going to use it. Keeping it short and sweet, he said goodbye to Lauren before getting down on one knee to an over the moon Leah who accepted his proposal of marriage.

Jed told Angela that his work keeping him away from her for unknown amounts of the time was his reason in not choosing her. Gobsmacked and shocked, Angie demanded answers and left the conversation shook.

Despite knowing Alésia didn’t want a proposal and the ring was a huge obstacle in their relationship, Jed put his heart on the line and proposed anyway. With communication being the key, the couple decided they were all-in on their relationship to see where it was headed and the ring was given, just not as a marriage proposal.

The final decision for Felix wasn’t only his, Jessica needed to make one as well.

In saying goodbye to Abigail, Felix questioned his connection with Jessica until the final moments. Revealing she had said goodbye to Damien and was invested in a future with Felix, he stated he was definitely keen to see what the future held for the both of them.

With all three couples raising their glasses in a toast, the future was bright. Unfortunately, as with many relationships, things don’t always work out the way they had planned and Felix and Jessica have since parted ways, as have Thomas and Leah. Jed and Alésia aren’t putting labels on their relationship currently but are excited to see how their connection can now evolve outside the Bachie bubble.


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