Red Flags arise on Love Island Australia

Red Flags arise on Love Island Australia

The villa is in shock after one of the favourites Claudia gets dumped after Holly stole her man Jordan. There are tears and sighs of disbelief that a dumping could happen so soon in Spain.

Claudia takes the dumping very well, and has a good chat with Jordan before she packs her bags and wishes him well as she leaves the villa.

Holly, who feels terrible for being responsible for Claudia’s dumping, pulls Jordan aside for a chat to explain why she did it.  She wasn’t happy with Jordan’s response, he gave her nothing as she tried to give her reasons for picking him.

As she leaves the villa, Claudia gets a surprise text, she in fact isn’t leaving at all. Two new hot bombs will enter rescue her from her dumping. Claudia can’t hide her joy.

Those two new bombs are:

Callum, 24, a pool boy from Brisbane, originally from Wales with a thick Welsh accent.

Tak, 22, a rapper and security guard also from Brisbane.

Layla gets a text, there are incoming bombs arriving any minute as the girls sit at the fire pit, and the boys on the balcony.

The two bombs walk in, and it takes the Islanders a minute to notice that Claudia is back in the middle between them. They all scream with delight, and Holly breathes a sigh of relief as she is no longer responsible for dumping Claudia.

The bombs immediately cause chaos, with Jessica interested in Tak making Conor jealous. Conor then pulls Stella for a random chat telling her he would choose her at a recoupling.

The morning after the big night, the girls get to know Callum and Tak.

Stella tells the girls what Conor said about recoupling, and Jessica is furious. Claudia is already off Callum, telling the girls there are major red flags.

On that note the Islanders get a text and the first challenge is called, Red Flags. Our Islanders must guess some curly questions about their fellow Islanders, with some Baywatch style catwalk modelling and kisses involved.

At the challenge Claudia shares a passionate kiss with Austen, and Jessica the same with Tak. 

After the challenge ends Conor admits he was jealous watching that kiss and he and Jessica have an argument. They end by kissing, Jessica continues to see major red flags with Conor.  Just how long will this tumultuous relationship last?


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