OMG The OG Traitor Has Fallen.

<strong>OMG The OG Traitor Has Fallen.</strong>

The studious student has become the murderous master, after new Traitor recruit Alex helped to take out the Queen bee, Marielle. Here is how the epic banishment blindside unfolded…

With another Faithful murdered in Fi, Marielle decided to dial up the tension between Kate and Teresa by lying to Kate’s face. Thinking it would strengthen Kate’s case against Teresa, she told Kate that the last thing Fi had said to her before she was killed was that she suspected Teresa! 

Not believing Fi would turn on Teresa, Kate questioned Marielle’s motives. This massive revelation fuelled Kate and made her realise that she needed to get her once sworn enemy, Teresa, on board to take down Marielle. 

As Teresa and Kate did the rounds to turn everyone on Marielle, Alex and Nigel started to panic and wonder whether to go with the majority and cut Marielle loose or try putting everyone’s attention onto Lewis instead.

If you thought that Melbourne Cup finish was an exciting one, this Banishment was next level bonkers. As accusations flew, nobody mentioned Marielle’s name until it was time to vote. Totally unaware of the scheme, a confident Marielle was shocked when vote after vote was directed at her, including Alex’s vote, the very person she invited into Traitors Tower. And so it was done, the OG Traitor left the Banishment room with Alex’s knife firmly in her back. 

Meanwhile, the dashing, skivvy wearing postman had visited Traitors Towers and given the remaining two Traitors, Nigel and Alex, the power to put three players on death row…


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