Ready Steady Cook Review

Ready Steady Cook Review

Once an afternoon staple and the show every sick child home from school watched, 10 has revived fan-favourite Ready Steady Cook after 11 years off air.

The format sees two teams – Capsicum and Tomato – each consisting of a professional chef and an audience member, who compete against each other to create the best three-course meal. The catch? They only have 20 minutes AND the chefs have no idea what their contestant’s ingredients are beforehand.

For the first episode, MasterChef alumni Hayden Quinn and Mike Reid step up to the challenge, having to use rocket, snapper, raspberries, and strawberries, to name a few ingredients

The final segment sees the professional chefs going head-to-head for bragging rights in the Chef’s Challenge – a fast-paced 10 minute cook-up using one ingredient each to create two spectacular dishes

Hosting this iteration if the full-of-energy Miguel Mastre, whose enthusiasm, personality and quick wit keep the show moving.

Full of fun banter and delicious food, the first episode was an enjoyable hour of television.

The much-loved format is back, but instead of relegated to afternoon viewing, it’s taking on prime time as the perfect wind-down as we head into the weekend.

4 Stars

Ready Steady Cook premieres 7:30pm Friday March 8 on 10.


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